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Broker’s Free Maui Trip:

Bring WOHL your next deal and you could be saying “ALOHA” before you know it! You could be our guest at the World-Class FOUR SEASONS RESORT in Maui or another trip of equivalent value. At closing, you’ll not only receive your brokerage commission, but you and your guest will also enjoy FREE Airfare, Hotel accommodations and Rental Car – all to make this tropical vacation simply a breeze. Do not miss this opportunity and escape to Paradise ON US!

The closing of your WOHL purchase escrow of $5 million or more is limited to one trip for two people per transaction. (Contact Wohl for details and further restrictions)

Aloha!! From Maui

What Brokers are Saying about Wohl’s Perks!

We just returned from our trip to Maui, and I had to write to let you know that the trip to the Four Seasons Hotel was spectacular. The food and atmosphere were to die for!

Carol Plowman – Lee and Associates

“Ann and I really appreciated the Maui/Hawaii vacation as a bonus for finding and closing the 200 Baker Building for Wohl Investment Company. We look forward to continuing this mutually profitable relationship.”

Chuck Gardner – Daum Commercial

“We have had the pleasure of working with Wohl Investment Company for over 10 years and can attest to the excellent reputation the company has developed as a buyer and seller of commercial properties. As investment brokers, we discovered early that WIC’s performance is based on their exceptional ability to act and perform quickly on acquisitions. Since Greg Wohl and Peter Desforges are the key decision makers, there is no large committee that must approve a deal. Wohl Investment Company is extremely loyal to their brokers and we look forward to working with Greg and Peter well into the future.”

Edward B. Hanley – The Hanley Brown Group

Broker Investment Program:

Wohl Investment Company does business with many brokers who would like to invest in the properties their clients sell to us. WIC’s unique program allows brokers to invest up to 20% of the project equity requirement on an UNDILUTED basis on most properties it acquires. This means that the broker can invest his or her own money in a property they are selling to WIC and receive any profit(s), or pro rata cash flow, without any participation in those profits by WIC. WIC or its principals will act as managing member(s) of the LLC formed to hold and manage the property.

Any broker wishing to invest in a property they are submitting to WIC needs to:

  • Disclose to WIC they intend to take advantage of the Broker Investment Program at the time they are presenting the property to WIC and state the amount they wish to invest. If for any reason WIC cannot form the proper holding entity to include the broker as an investor, the broker will be informed up front so they can decide how they wish to handle the submittal.
  • Identify and make all ethically or legally required disclosures in writing to the seller and/or their broker and to any other appropriate parties. (Consult your legal advisor for details and restrictions.)
  • Represent and acknowledge that he or she is a Qualified Investor as required by securities laws or by most Limited Liability Company entities.

Advantages for the Broker:

  • When a broker finds a quality property with an attractive return potential, he or she may invest in the property along with WIC to receive pro rata profit participation on essentially the same basis as buying the property himself/herself. The investing broker does not need to devote valuable time executing the financing...
  • Limited Liability due to LLC structure used to acquire properties.
  • Certain tax benefits (Consult your tax advisor for details and restrictions)
  • Investment Diversification
  • Non-recourse debt
  • Brokers eliminate any additional risk or time commitment associated with financing a property on their own.

Exclusive Listing Upon Resale:

WIC is pleased to offer qualified brokers an exclusive listing upon the resale of property they originally brought to WIC. In order to qualify for this incentive, a broker must meet WIC’s standards, including the requisite background and experience in the purchase and sale of the type of property to be resold. (Contact WIC for further details about this offer.)

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